Travel grant

Travel grant

Travel Grants for the Abstracts Submitters

The IASLC APLCC Committee is proud to announce that the APLCC2016 Travel Grants is now open for application.


  • The submitted  abstract  must be  accepted  for  presentation
  • The applicant  must  be  from  list  of  the  countries  that are considered Developing  Countries as per
    IASLC policy and preferable an IASLC member
    (See list of countries that are considered Developing countries as per IASLC policy)
  • Each successful applicant will receive travel grant of USD1,000 (limited grant available)
  • Official travel arrangement receipts (Travel and accommodation only) must be submitted for verification purposes

The deadline for the submission application is 7 March 2016, a decision on application will be reached by 31 March 2016.

Travel Grant Winners

Abstract ID Title Author Country
ABS002 For People Living With Advanced Lun Mr. Aditya Manna India
ABS046 Expression of Fibroblast Growth Factor R Dr. Qi Zhang China
ABS047 Plasma dynamic monitoring of soluble c-M Dr. Hong-Fei Gao China
ABS054 The Comparison of Therapeutic Efficacy f Dr. Yaxiong Zhang China
ABS085 Mixed responses to systemic therapy in N Dr. Zhong-Yi Dong China
ABS091 MET exon 14 mutation may not be a predi Dr. Lan-Ying China
ABS092 Is there pattern and risk factors of lym Dr. Jun-tao Lin China
ABS095 Impact of T790M genotype on post-progres Ms. Ee Ke China
ABS132 An alternative bronchial division proced Dr. Hao-ran Zhai China
ABS170 Study to analyse and compare the qualit Dr. Divyesh Kumar India